1999 Wisconsin QSO Party

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Had a great time! The 7 hour format is really slick. Doesn't tie up the whole weekend like the larger contests (wife friendly!). Will be back next year for sure - N2CU

TU! Only a few QSOs but it was fun. Good activity for a state QSO party - W2GE

I finally toured Wisconsin at 74 years for a WW II reunion at Appleton. Now I know where all those counties are - W2NZH

Enjoyed the QSO party once again. My score was lower than last year as I got started 3 hours late. Still had fun. Even had 1 QSO on 10 meters. Thanks to all the mobiles for getting out the counties. Keep the short format, its a winner. 15M went untouched from the east coast. Keep up the good participation. See you all next year -W2UDT

A great QSO party. Operated QRP (4 watts) and beat previous scores - N3CZB

Enjoyed the short format again. 15M was quiet; worked WI9WI early and heard WA1UJU late in contest and forgot he was in WI until I was checking log. Mobiles were great again - W3DYA

Hats off to the mobiles! What an outstanding job! Activity seemed to be up this year with more casual ops getting involved. This is a personal best score in this one. Hope to hear all of you in PAQP - WA3HAE

The contest had more activity this year, making for a very enjoyable contest to operate. Glad to see all the mobile activity and my congratulations to all the mobiles for a job well done. The Y2K should be a super contest - VA3RJ

I was just going to hand out a few contacts in the WI contest. I figured WI would be too far inside my 20 skip zone and my 5 watts would be too weak. Turned out 20M was so good I hung in the party for 6 hours. Hats off to you guys. Plenty of CW ops, including mobiles, to keep the signals hopping for the whole 7 hour period. Lot of fun. First time in the WIQP - NA3V

The WIQP remains one of the best state QSO parties in my opinion. Great activity on CW, unlike some other state QSO parties. I set out to get 100 QSOs this year after coming close the past few years. I zoomed past that goal easily - K3WWP/QRP

Managed to beat my 1998 score and picked up 7 new counties for the US County Award. Look forward to your 2000 WQP - VE3WZ

I used the WA1UJU logging program and it was great. That program is a great concept and I would like to see one for the Florida QSO party - WA4IMC

Enjoyed the QSO party. I hope to get my computer going by next year, hi - K4ORD

My apologies to those I couldn't hear - it was snowing down here and the QRN was pretty bad. Hope to hear all of you in the Tennessee QSO party in September - K4TCG ( W9WI op ).

Fifth time I've entered. Higher score this year. Conditions were good with strong signals down our way. The mobiles again this year did a super job and I picked up some new counties. Was surprised to work W9WUU on 15. No signals on 10 though - K4UK

Many thanks. Enjoyable Sunday evening. I do hope to be back again in 2000 - LU6EF

Hats off to all the mobiles - there seemed to be many more than years past - AF8A

Never let it be said that WI amateurs don't like their CW. 72 of my 99 contacts were via that mode. Special thanks to the mobile stations who activated many counties for us. They were out in full force and did a tremendous job. Very much appreciated the extra activity it creates keeping people busy. Great ops too - K8KFJ

What a blast! Amazing what you can do barefoot with all wire antennas. See you next year - ND9C

This year was very good and a lot of fun. Only a few stations failed to give the mobiles enough room to operate. Conditions were good and much was learned for next year. 345 total miles driven. 1.04 miles per contact. Motor run time = 6.5 hours. 53 mph average - K9DAF

I had a great time in the contest. Sure is nice to see so much participation, not only from in state but from out of state too - N9EAJ

WOW! What a contest! This was our best effort yet thanks to all the folks that contacted us as we drove through 24 counties. We almost had WAS with 43 states. Our total of 109K was impressive, but we see many ways to improve upon it. Thanks again for your help - N9EZ

It sure is surprising to see all the Wisconsin stations checking into the party but not checking into the WI traffic nets - K9FHI

Great contest and favorable band conditions. Only spent one hour, but had loads of fun - K9GDF

Operated QRP, with indoor antenna, from my apartment - AF9J

I guess I had a bad connection to my loop because I had a very weak signal on 80 meters. But sure was fun anyway. Next year I will transmit from Green Lake County - KB9KEG

I had to leave WQP early for another party or I would have done better - WY9L

This was a great contest, and the seven hours (starting after church, thank you) was a perfect length of time. What a hoot! C U next year - N9NE

Hi guys. Thanks for organizing and publicizing the WQP. It was great to hear all the activity - KJ9O

Great contest. Lots of fun - K9OM

Thanks to all my team members. We had lot of station interference with each other so we need to figure out some filters. As usual great mobile activity. Thanks to all those guys and gals for the multipliers and QSOs. All 5 HF stations and 2M were in a room about 16 x 16 - K9OT

More Qs but less mults this year. Murphy came along for the ride, and we got off to a slow start. We have more fun on this contest than any other all year long. We tried a new antenna this year and it seemed to improve our signal quite a bit. I call it the KG9BI special. 73 till next year - AA9PB

Its always a great time. This year I used the logging program by WA1UJU. I look forward to next year just to be able to use that again - AA9TQ

Nice contest. Only 2.5 hours this year. Hope for 7 hours next year - WA9TZE

Many thanks to all those who participated, especially the mobiles -WE9V

Started a little late. Quit 1.5 hours early to due to other commitments. 80 and 75 had S9 noise level but still the most fun contest there is in my opinion - W9WAQ

Outstanding weather. Excellent participation, particularly by casual operators. Need to get a better antenna for 80 (only 6 Qs on 80 before the sun went down). Excellent activity on 20 & 40, not so good on 15/10. Few stations heard. Lots of fun. Keep 'em coming - WI9WI

Great time as always. Good to see 10 meters open. Big thanks to all the mobiles and out of state contacts. Neat to work LU6EF on 4 band/modes. Didn't know the WIQP had such international interest -W9XT

I don't understand the 5x9 reports when the "repeat" requests told me I was no better than 3x3. Some antennas receive but don't seem to radiate worth a hoot - K9YLI

Thank you again for sponsoring a great contest. We operated 3 transmitters and are very happy with our score. We operated from Brown County as a multi multi, with reports received of being heard on an HT in Beloit on 2 meters with an S9 report. I guess we were a bit loud - ND9Z

Good contest. Lots of activity on 40 at start. Hope to see all you guys in Minnesota QSO party next year - K0AD

Thoroughly enjoyed being back in WIQP. Last time was in 1995 as WV8B (winner in Ohio) - W0EBA

Great contest. Highlight was 9 N9EZ QSOs - N0IJ

Thanks for another great contest. Always look forward to your even. Wish I could spend the whole time operating but had to break right in between. See you next year - N0JVR

Really had fun in the contest. My score was much improved over 1998. This year I activated 9 counties. Participation seemed really good. Operators seemed to be very polite; when there were several stations calling they let the mobiles go first. A downside to mobiling is missing many of the "mobile only" counties. Thanks again for sponsoring a great contest. Looking forward to 2000 - KF0UK

Thanks again for very nice contest - NO0Z.

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