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Wisconsin QSO Party

March 10, 2019 - 1800Z to 0100Z March 11
(1:00PM CDT to 8:00PM CDT on Sunday, March 10)
(The first day of Daylight Savings Time)

Seven hours of contesting fun!

2019 2019 Results
Logs Received
3830 Claimed scores
3830 Commentary
Spot Listing   - For the whole 7 hours

Entry Form    - Please submit with paper logs (pdf)
WIQP County Map/List    - Wisconsin county map and abbreviation list (pdf)
WIQP Mult List    - Complete Multiplier List
WIQP Flyer    - One sheet with summary of rules on one side and county map/list on the other side. (pdf)
Plaque List with Sponsors

    Route Postings

Activate All 72 Counties!    - County activation data for 2013 - 2018

Thanks to the crew on the battleship USS Wisconsin for activating N4WIS for the QSO Party.

2018 Results

Logging Software

The popular N3FJP WIQP Log is available at N3FJP Amateur Radio Software. Version 4.0 was released in October, 2017. There are two versions of this software:

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade, especially if you're running a much earlier version. The cost for a new individual program is currently $8.99 and upgrades are free (original license number needed).
    N3FJP tips

The N1MM Logger+ is another popular logging program, available here.
    N1MM Tips

In 2017, over 80% of logs received used one of these two loggers, roughly evenly divided between them. Of the two, the N3FJP logger is easier to set up and use, and it does the basic functions very well. N1MM is very full-featured and certainly is the choice for those doing advanced rig control and who want to have other software running besides the logger. Because of this additional complexity, it has a steeper learning curve than N3FJP.

Cabrillo format for WIQP
Operating Tips

Mobile Tips
Interested in going mobile? This article by Jim, K8IR, will get you started!

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Operate in the Wisconsin QSO Party
An interesting article for beginners and veterans alike by Fred, N9FH.
The above article in pdf format

Detailed maps of each Wisconsin county are available on the Wisconsin DOT website.
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