2000 Wisconsin QSO Party

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Great conditions on 20 meters. Every mobile on that band was 599 most anywhere they were all afternoon - K1PQS

Another fine contest ! My second time in and obviously a personal best. Only heard one county on that I did not work ( Taylor ). Thanks to all the mobiles for making it exciting - N2CU

Had a great time. Keep the short format. Not my highest score as in past years but I did get started a bit late. Thanks to the mobiles. And after looking at my log, who says CW is dead - W2UDT

Q's down but mults up ... works for me ! Had a great time chasing the mobiles around. Keep it going and I hope to see all of you folks again next year - WA3HAE

Great party as usual. Thanks to all the mobiles. Sorry about the very rude "mob" on 80/75 SSB at end. These guys should not be called hams. Congrats to WI hams who kept their cool - W3HDH

All CW with 90 watts to a Carolina Windom. Lot of fun !!! Didn't have much operating time so appreciated all the activity - especially the mobiles. Worked 7 new counties - N3TG

Operated single op with a TS 570D at 5 watts out with an inverted V fed with 600 ohm line with the apex at 50 feet. My QTH is on a low hill. I can get a fairly good signal into WI on 20, 40 and even 80 at QRP levels. This tops last years score. Thanks to W9MSE, K9DAF, K9LU and the other mobile ops for many of my points and counties - NA3V

My 6th WIQP and best score to date. Fewer QSO's than last year but more counties 6 of which I had never worked before. Still need 10 counties so will be back in 2001 - VE3WZ

Thanks much to the QRP-L Cheeseheads for posting info about this event on QRP-L. They made it sound like a lot of fun, so decided to join in for what time I could. Looking forward to next year as this is a very fun event. My wife made the log sheets for me and ran the log thru the computer - she says it looks nicer. Maybe she will get interested and get her ticket - N4ROA

Sixth time I've entered this QSO party. Had to do some babysitting so missed a lot of the party. Conditions were good with strong signals down our way. The mobiles again this year did a super job and I picked up some new counties - K4UK

Thanks to all who listened for VE5BCS. It was tough for all contacts but fun - VE5BCS

Sorry for the low score, but I work Saturdays and had only a couple of hours of shack time on Sunday. I enjoyed the QSO Party and had a lot of fun. Hope to see you all down the log. Thanks to all the stations in the Wisconsin QSO Party - KD7DYY N/T

I had a little fun on a Sunday afternoon. If you like QSO parties, do your taxes early and stop by the MI Party on April 15 - KC8FXR

My logging software uses the new 4 letter abbreviations. On the WARAC website on Monday I found the list and was able to correct the log- only had to correct one entry. Mike K9NW was right - lots of activity and lots of mobiles. Wish I had checked 20. Did not expect it to be so short even though I know it is possible when the muf is so high. Hats off to the WI folks, it was a lot of fun - K8GT

Picked a lousy time to get the flu. Missed 2.5 hours in the middle - K8IR

First WQP entry. Much fun. I'll be back. Also look for me from my mobile in the MI QSO party April 15 from the upper penninsula of MI - AA8U

This was great FUN !!! - K8VFR

Had a great time in the party, but whats the deal with N9KI and N9KS - almost drove me nuts. I'll be back next year. Conditions on 80, 40 and 20 were great to WI - K8XXX

Enjoyed the contest - K9DIY

Thanks for sponsoring a really enjoyable event. We all appreciate the work involved in making the WIQP happen - N9FH

Party was fun. Noticed some disgruntled stations around 3896 to 99 - K9FHI

We had planned a 16-20 county journey across the state but had to stop after only five counties when the vehicles clutch gave out - Murphy at his finest - KF9FR

Many thanks to the ops who took to the road to activate many counties, especially on my favorite mode - CW. Thanks again to all who participated. Hope to see you again next year - AA9KH

Planned the operation from 6 months but murphy still showed up ! Many thanks to all who worked us. MI QSO next - N9KI

Thanks to all the stations that took the time to listen for the mobile stations. We had a great time and enjoyed all the pile-ups. Great contest and see you all for the 2001 WQP - N9KS ( and N9EZ )

Thanks for another great QSO party. 73 - K9LGU

Thanks to the club for sponsoring this FUN event !! It sure brings a lot of good operators out of the woodwork and provides a good oppotrunity to meet old friends - N9NE

Great driving weather in scenic country, great propagation, especially on 20 and none of the gear blew up ! Is this heaven, or what ? GREAT CONTEST !!! - WK9O ( and KA9KLZ )

Gotta love the WQP - K9OM

I had a lot of fun even though I only operated 1.5 hours on 40. Maybe next year I'll be able to work the whole 7 hours. Keep up the great JOB - KB9QL

Operating single op mobile CW is a little tricky while driving a 5 speed thru small towns but I sure had a lot of fun - AF9T

Your contest is the highlight of amateur radio for me - I look forward to it months in advance. Thank you for your efforts and service - AA9TQ

What a contest. I'm so happy to break the record again - this time from MY HOME STATION. Thanks to everyone, especially the mobiles - WE9V

Always enjoyed the mobile thing in WQP but this year bit off more than I could chew. Should have checked the antenna better and the keyer. Since gotten rid of the keyer and got a W9XT unit. Also did too much driving - 256 miles to cabin, 155 miles to operating site and 234 miles back to Madison for a total of 645 miles. Spent 17 hours in the car. Think will do less driving and stick near the cabin where I have all the operating sites scouted out. Sorry did not get to Langlade County. Thanks to all the stations I worked and the others on the air. Heard lots of mobiles and counties. Hope everyone had a good time - WI9WI

So you know the rest of the story - I was sitting there 5 minutes before the start. One radio was sitting on 40. The other on 75 phone. I was looking for a clear frequency on 40 to call CQ at the start. Suddenly the XYL came running downstairs screaming "the yard is on fire !" I run outside to see a ring of fire about 20 feet in diameter centered on the tower away from the house. I run to get the hose but it is obvious with all tall dry grass in the field, and the wind, that I won't be able to put it out. Karen calls the fire department. They show up about 10 minutes later with 4 trucks. By the time they get it out, about an acre of land has burned. It appeared that my tuner that shunt feeds the tower on 80 meters arched over and started the fire. The fire destroyed the control cables and coax to that tower. It also destroyed a couple of PVC supports for my beverage antennas. Otherwise I was pretty lucky. At that point I decided to forget the contest and went to my fish club meeting instead. Hope you guys did better - W9XT

19 counties and 439 miles from this single op mobile - W9YQ

The mobiles sure make things interesting! Lots of good ops in WI too - W9ZR

Your mobiles were great. FB contest. Good job to all concerned - K0CIE

Threw two wire antennas and rig in car and drove to my lake place in Douglas County. Lots of fun and amazed how well 15 feet and 20 feet high antennas worked in a quiet location - N0IJ

A FB QSO Party. Thanks es 73 - K0OAL

It was nice to be able to work some of the mobiles this time out ! Many thanks to KC9JS who gave me the frequency on 40 for a bit while he caught up with the log. Thanks for sponsoring a really enjoyable event - KF0UK

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